Saturday, May 21, 2011

Link roundup

1. Cool Foo Fighters concert t-shirts.

2. Fascinating article at Wired about tech startup incubator Y Combinator, including an anecdote about an investor "who dropped more than $6 million on companies he knows almost nothing about—indeed, some of which haven’t yet decided what business they’re in."

3. A video game company retaliated against a negative review of their game by encouraging employees to write negative reviews about the author's novel. Via.

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  1. Just to note, some of the negative book reviews came from posters at GameFAQs. There was a thread in the Conduit 2 forum (not started by an HVS employee) calling for people to give bad book reviews in retaliation for the negative Conduit 2 review. Some posters were quite proud to do so, and there are some posters who say they like that HVS appears to be in on the retaliation action as well.

    The GameFAQs post calling for negative reviews was on the second page, but was later deleted by a mod. It is quoted by the post that directly follows it though.

    A thread about the Marooners' Rock article, where one of the GameFAQs posters says the negative reviews were there idea, and links back to the above thread.

    Another thread about the Marooners' piece, with more "The guy deserved it" style comments.