Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Link roundup

1. Warren Ellis:

You’ve all seen RFIDs – Radio Frequency Identification tags, the square pieces of paper used as security devices. The big swirly bit is the antenna, the bit in the middle is the circuit. An interrogator floods a region with radio. When the tag hits the field, it soaks up the energy and uses it to squeeze out its own signal. And that’s how you get caught stealing a dirty book.

On the phone, he’s showing me something I haven’t seen before. A visualisation of the readable volume of the EM field the RFID tag produces when it’s hit by an interrogator. It seems bloody huge. Much bigger and more energetic than you’d imagine. On the iPhone, I’m watching ghost mushrooms rise out of physical objects.

Suddenly I had a new understanding of that small wave of body-modification enthusiasts who implanted themselves with magnets, so that they could actually feel when they were passing through electromagnetic fields (like security gates).
2. "Cartoon Brew is pleased to announce a call for entries for our second annual Student Film Festival." They'll be screened in San Diego and Los Angeles.

3. Myke Amend has a new Kickstarter art project. A $20 contribution gets you an art print. ($1 gets you a pdf you can print out yourself.)

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