Monday, May 23, 2011

Link roundup

1. The LA Times says you shouldn't buy a car this year. You can click through and find out exactly why, but the article's existence is awfully interesting - - the car companies must have stopped buying ads, right?

2. The Nike + GPS running app is currently free at iTunes. Via.

3. I want to get a wifi router for my parents and need something simple and dependable. (It'll be mostly used for a Kindle, Dell laptop, iPhone and Droid.) Any suggestions? (I have a Cisco ValetPlus, which I've been less than thrilled with.)


  1. I got an Apple Airport Extreme for my parents and have received no support calls.

  2. Buffalo for the win.

  3. My parents use an old but still awesome WRT54GL that I set up with Tomato []. They don't really need 802.11n, and Ive found that with a signal boost its range is better, the throughput about the same, and it's cooler and more reliable. The N router I had them with a while back kept overheating, in spite of being completely stock. Regardless, I like to go with Buffalo (as the previous commenter suggested) or a Linksys that isn't shaped like a flying saucer.

  4. I second the Airport recommendation. Mine has worked great for years. The one time it did anything weird, I called 1-800-SOS-APPL and they had me up and running again in just a few minutes.

    They are more expensive, but reliable and the support is great.