Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Link roundup

1. Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw reviews Mortal Kombat.

2. The Worst Internet Intern Interview Ever. Via.

3. FYI, don't plan on mass-producing and selling Portal fan art.


  1. The Portal link is down. What happened? Did someone get busted for trying to sell Portal prints?

  2. I always have such mixed feelings about this stuff... I think a lot of people do. Where does fan art become copyright infringement?

    I take both sides.

    I don't like it when the owner of an idea becomes the "bad guy" just because they want to hold onto their own work, but I don't want to squash creativity.

  3. Typically, companies are cool with one-offs. It's when people mass-produce an item that they get a cease and desist.

  4. John is dead-on here, the trick is selling pieces that are original works; from what I've researched that approach is typically safe. Quality, not quantity...