Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Link roundup

1. The latest Green Lantern trailer is a huge letdown after the last, masterfully-edited footage. I have a sinking feeling that the "Wonder-Con Footage" will be far better than the movie itself.

2. Speaking of, there's a Green Lantern ARG. Via.

3. A former GamesRadar writer:

When I was handed my first game to review, an amusement-park simulator called Thrillville: Off the Rails, an editor told me that if my final score diverged from the Metacritic mean by more than a given amount (I cannot remember if it was 20 or 30), I would have to justify myself to the executive editor.
What writer in his right mind would make more work for himself by writing a review that deviated from the established norm?

1 comment:

  1. I could not agree more. This GL film, like most DC films will be a huge let down. Notice how the best footage has no acting but jsut special effects...its like they know that the actors all suck.

    While on the topic, why must all DC films have a chain gun?