Monday, May 9, 2011

Link roundup

1. This Reddit thread has links to several iPhone wallpapers, including Pac-Man and Tron.

2. Why are most livable city lists always so lame?

In fact, Vancouver’s boringly consistent topping of the polls underlines the fundamental fault that lies at the heart of the idea of measuring cities by their “liveability”. The most recent surveys, from Monocle magazine, Forbes, Mercer and The Economist, concur: Vancouver, Vienna, Zurich, Geneva, Copenhagen and Munich dominate the top. What, you might ask, no New York? No London? No LA or HK? None of the cities that people seem to actually want to emigrate to, to set up businesses in? To be in? None of the wealthiest, flashiest, fastest or most beautiful cities? Nope.
This article tries to explain. Via.

3. It's always good to be reminded how politicians (in this case Obama) stage photos.