Monday, June 13, 2011

Design an Adventure Time t-shirt for Threadless

Adventure Time challenge at Threadless:

When something’s amiss in the Land of Ooo, it’s up to one silly little kid and his wise old dog to save the day. Finn and Jake are the unlikely heroes of Adventure Time and the stars of this Threadless design challenge! Use Cartoon Network’s newest evil-fighting duo in a design full of wackiness, fun, and, of course, adventure.

You may use any of Finn and Jake’s past adventures — including all the strange creatures they’ve encountered, damsels in distress they’ve rescued, and evil and not-so-evil villains they’ve pursued. Or, create a new adventure for Finn and Jake! In the Land of Ooo and in this challenge, you’re only limited by what you can imagine.

Up for Grabs:
- $2000 cash
- $250 Threadless gift certificate
- A piece of exclusive original show art signed by Pendleton Ward, Adventure Time creator