Monday, June 13, 2011

Desperate advertising by McDonald's

McDonald's employees advertising outside of a Sonic in Connecticut.


  1. I live around the corner and down the road from this new Sonic--I didn't see this going on, must have happened late in the evening Saturday, after it had started raining. The McDonald's is about a half mile away from this location, in a place that doesn't get much traffic. It also has the slowest service around (I've waited 10+ minutes for a hamburger order there); most people don't even go to that location, so it's no wonder they had signs saying there are no lines and no waiting.

  2. There is a Mcdonalds and a Sonic close to my living area. It is a direct opposite here. Mcdonalds is taking the lead and crushing Sonic, ever since Mcdonalds added more items to their menu.