Friday, June 10, 2011

Flying ball from Japan

Check out this flying ball from Japan - - it's a short step away from those torture droids in Star Wars, and the evil trash bag balls in The Prisoner. (Did I mention that the soundtrack for the video is Highway to the Danger Zone?) Via.


  1. Scary. It is a prototype for the claws, a kind of killer robot of a short story by Philip K. Dick called "Second Variety".

  2. After seeing it is a remote controlled toy helicopter in a roll cage, I can't help but think instead of David Letterman's annual Christmas toy showcase episode.

    Why? Because it looks like they may be the first people to notice the toy helicopter flaw that has been evident on Letterman for years (and it seems every year has a new attempt at a helicopter-based toy), that the things crash into stuff way too easily, which in turn sends them falling to the floor. Thus, a roll cage.

    Stuff like the camera is just extra (because it is hard to pilot a remote control helicopter once it is lost in the rafters and support rigging).