Sunday, June 19, 2011

Game of Thrones barbecue

Dinner Is Coming by Austin Madison (who has a special menu to match).

SPOILER: (BTW, if you've been watching the show, but haven't read the books, you won't miss Eddard at all. One of the delights of the books is that "major" characters are killed off constantly.)


  1. I don't know about not missing Ned at all. I always wonder what would happen if he was still around. You definitely move on though. There are better characters out there.

  2. ...or if you're reading the book and don't have HBO you just spoiled a major character's death. I love the site and view it everyday but GAH! I just started the book.

  3. Sorry, but that's what the word SPOILER was for.

  4. Honest to God, I didn't even see the word "SPOILER". I guess I kind of skim while reading blogs and saw the 'Game of Thrones' image and got all excited and started looking around for what was what.

    Maybe you could do the white out/highlight spoilers thing for those of us too dumb/excitable to notice the SPOILER tag when you're putting them on the front page?

    Or maybe I'm too dumb for the internet.

  5. Does Sean Bean ever live til the end of any movie or TV show he's in?

    I watched the first few GOT episodes, and it was intriguing, but I got tired of the awkward nudity.