Monday, June 27, 2011

High-res trailer for Pixar's Brave (and some concept art)

High-res trailer for Pixar's Brave. There's a bit of concept art here.

*Previously: Brave wallpaper.


  1. Yay. More Scottish accents. Don't producers realize there are other accents that can be used in an animated film? A nice Russian accent is always awesome. I realize this is probably the first modern CG film to actually take place in what I'm assuming is Scotland, or at least a place so like it that it is actually merited in some regard. However, if the kids in the film have *no trace of an accent* and the adults all sound like Shrek, I will walk out of the theater and kick someone in the nuts.

    That was actually the most annoying thing about "How To Train Your Dragon"
    It kept bothering me that [even though they were speaking English] they should have at least had norse accents of some kind.

  2. A little accent goes a long way. That's why I liked How To Train Your Dragon, it used it sparingly. The Secret of Kells may have used it throughout, but it got tiring halfway through.

  3. I think "The Secret of Kells" was made by an Irish studio...
    I think that qualifies as more of a foreign film than a distinctly Hollywood film like HTTYD.
    I still liked the film - I was just mildly annoyed that they couldn't do something fresh an honor the heritage they were portraying. Seriously a Nordic accent in that film would have been so appropriate and original. As it was they *blatantly* ripped off Mike Myers style especially for Gobber...