Thursday, June 30, 2011

Link roundup

1. World of Warcraft is apparently now free to play (but you can't pass level 20). I think I'll give it a try to prepare for The Old Republic. Can anyone recommend a class? (Something cool and straightforward.)

2. "Chinese government photoshop disaster goes viral."

3. Jackasses (NSFW).


  1. I recommend a Warrior.
    In my opinion, it's the most intuitive and the most obvious.

    I'd never played an MMO before WoW and my first class was a warrior. :3

    If you'd like some more advice/info, check out the WoW Rookie feature on WoW Insider (You'll probably have to go back a couple pages, though).

  2. I agree, Warrior is a straightforward and fun class to play

  3. Or if you like a little magic in your warrior, Paladin is straightforward too. You still swing a big weapon AND you can heal yourself too boot!

  4. I recommend heroin, because it's less detrimental to your health and lifestyle. But besides that, Hunter.

  5. Dwarf Rogue. :)
    Lots of fun to play, and pretty easy to solo.

  6. Alright Warrior, Hunter, or Paladin, depending on which I think looks coolest. (I'm not a dwarf guy. or elf guy for that matter.)

  7. A late response, but I recommend Druid. You'll get a taste for the three major class types (dps, casting, tank) and there's a lot of wonderment thrown in from the start. Go Night Elf if you're looking for some high fantasy.