Saturday, June 18, 2011

Link roundup

1. There's apparently some Prey 2 wallpapers available for download, but you can't use a secure internet connection to view them? (Prey 2 has a strong Blade Runner vibe.)

2. Legend of Zelda animated gif by Zac Gorman. And speaking of Legend of Zelda, check out this review of the 3D aspects Ocarina of Time for the 3DS:

While it doesn't exactly add anything to the gameplay, the title certainly looks better with the 3D enhancement. Colors are a little deeper with the 3D slider turned up, and the game appears ever so slightly washed out when you turn the effect down.
Gyroscope controls are also included for use with ranged items such as the slingshot or bow. Unfortunately, the 3DS' contradictory design is such that the motion control won't work with the 3D visuals, unless you rotate your head along with the screen at a perfect angle. Failure to do so results in you getting an eyeful of painful screen blur. Fortunately, the 3D slider is conveniently located, and you can always just stick to traditional controls.
If even Nintendo can't make solid use of the 3D capability of the machine....

3. New illustration chock full of comic book characters by Ulises Farinas.