Thursday, June 2, 2011

Link roundup

1. This is supposed to be exciting Nintendo 3DS news, I think - - Excitebike 3D will sell for $5.99:

I went hands-on with Excitebike 3D and the 3D effect is pretty neat. The 3D feature increases the depth of the track you're racing on and makes it seem like the tracks are much bigger. Otherwise, it's the exact same Excitebike like you remember, but with 3D effects that work well thanks to the simplistic graphics. There's a track editor too and you can save up to 32 custom tracks. You sadly won't be able to share the custom course with others.
Or, you could buy X-Men Arcade in the iTunes App Store for only $2.99.

2. There might be a whole heck of a lot more fossil fuels than previously thought.

3. "Why Did WikiLeaks Have Such Little Impact?"


  1. RE: Excitebike 3D -- it's supposed to be free for the first month. So, at least there's that...

  2. Right, but it should be free always! Even at free I wouldn't have been interested. The game's ancient.

  3. It is Ancient, but it is AWESOME.

  4. The guy who wrote that column at salon is a bit of a propagandist (220 comments almost all calling him out).

    The expanded natural gas reserves available by hydraulic cracking are compelling, but have to be weighed against the environmental costs.