Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Link roundup

1. Rob Liefeld is going to draw Hawk and Dove for DC, and the first cover illustration includes the characters' feet.

2. "London 2012 Olympic Games organisers have revealed the Olympic torch, which resembles an expensive, designer cheesegrater, but have admitted defeat in their attempts to make it as energy efficient as possible."

3. File this away for future reference - - a long article about why Bill Simmons's Grantland will fail. (I certainly hope it's a success.)

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  1. Liefeld drawing feet! Tis truly a new day for DC! (although I also assume this new day doesn't include keeping a monthly schedule)

  2. Why the hell is Liefeld still in the business? Did he and Jim Lee fall in love on a trip to Switzerland or something? "I wish I knew how to quit you?"

  3. I actually like his artwork, and I might be crazy, but I think I have an old Hawk and Dove comic he drew.