Thursday, June 2, 2011

Link roundup

1. It's not so much the sexting, but the shocking arrogance in who the congressman was following on Twitter that's surprising. I bet any enterprising journalist could have a field day looking at who star athletes follow on Twitter.

2. I love the Ned Stark is stupid meme. Seems like I've been waiting for that feeling to become popularized for years and years.

3. It's all about knowing which rules you can get away with breaking (and be willing to break).

1 comment:

  1. Oh, come on. The source on that blog post is the NY Post, the lowest of the low. The NY Post uses sentences like "a surprising number of them are total babes" but doesn't give a number on how many the journalist considers to be "babes", how they determine if someone is a "babe" or not, or what number of people he could follow that would be considered "babes" that would be normal and not surprising. And now here you are using phrases like "shocking arrogance" as if there's actually been some investigative journalism done and as if this actually matters.

    For the record, I went through the 198 he follows. Based upon profile pictures, I'd personally consider 7 to be very attractive women, or about 4.5%. Not really shocking to me, but that's certainly a subjective thing, which is why real journalists don't write stories with phrases like that.