Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Link roundup

1. Is the same thing happening in the USA at New Kids on the Block shows?

Hospital staff have been inundated with bruised and boozy women from Take That concerts.

Tens of thousands of ladies in their 30s and 40s attended the pop band's series of shows at the City of Manchester stadium, ending on Sunday.

And such was the level of drinking - and falling over - it led to a spike in numbers attending the A&E department at Manchester Royal Infirmary (MRI).

2. Free download: Go the F--k to Sleep narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. Via.

3. Gabe Delahaye does a good job expressing why Super 8 was very good, but not great. And while I'm at it, this was funny, too.


  1. Saw Super 8 last night and found every point in that article to be the truth. Sitting in the theater I was reminded of so many films that it borrowed from, from the Goonies to Stand By Me to Son of Rambow to ET to Cloverfield. All which did their parts better and all which separated like oil and water, never merging into one unique film. Worth a Red Box rental, but not worth a ticket.

  2. Well, I liked it a lot more than that. I just didn't like the last few minutes.