Saturday, June 11, 2011

Super 8 was terrific...

Spoilers, links below...

I managed to go in knowing only: small town, kids, alien, train crash. It was pretty much a perfect movie . . . until the alien grabbed Joe.

The alien design was lackluster and not remotely deserving such an extended closeup. I actually prefer Ben 10's Ultimate Spider-Monkey version of the same concept. And I'm going to pretend the over the top Steven Spielberg-style shmaltz that takes over the movie at that point just never happened. In my alternate universe, the kids manage to run away from the alien, watch its spaceship take off, and reunite with their dads. No heart to heart with the giant spidergorilla, and no hit me over the head with the frying pan metaphor of letting go of mom's necklace.

Also, everyone in the movie had wonderful, memorable moments, except for Kyle Chandler, who was as memorable as a block of wood.

Here are a few related links:

Jack Rossi created a poster and one of the alien's mysterious cubes.

Since I avoided spoilers, I missed this, but apparently there was some sort of special popsicle sold at 7-Elevens as a tie in.

JJ Abrams used to be known as Jeffrey Abrams and his first movie was Taking Care of Business.

As I understand it, flash drives loaded with video clips were sent to various movie sites, and when assembled made this short film (which is seen in the movie).