Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Disney markets to moms

This video about dining aboard the Disney Dream isn't particularly interesting - - the restaurants actually look not much nicer or inspired than tacky mall theme-restaurants (is LA the only place where Spielberg opened a submarine-themed restaurant?). But one brief scene in the video really caught my eye. It's like a mom dining in a stone room filled with statues:


  1. A) Yes, I would say LA is the only place with a submarine themed cafe by Speilberg. Is it neat or just tacky?

    B)That video is saccharine.

    C) That scene is really disturbing, you're right. Her children are granite colored, her husband is as well. Yet all the other men in the room are wearing bright splashes of color (like she is). And you can barely perceive any other women. Their table is lit as though the food is jewelry. I have a vague idea what the message is supposed to be here, and it's creepy.

  2. Went out of business pretty quick. Lame and lackluster food.


  3. I can actually attest to the Disney Cruise Line's quality of food: we're cruise enthusiasts and have been on the top 5 corporate ships. Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and Disney have by far the best food on the seas, and their restaurants are very, very elegant. We're going on the Dream in October, so I'm excited about this. :)