Wednesday, July 27, 2011

George Martin's A Dance With Dragons

I usually wait for paperbacks, but decided to read this right away to avoid spoilers. After 400 pages, I say the new characters are entirely forgettable, Daenarys has lost what once made her appealing, and the plot is so, so tedious.

And yet, I cannot put it down.


  1. I'm 426 pages in and I'm having trouble disagreeing with you on almost every front. A FEAST FOR CROWS was the world's biggest literary teaser trailer, so I wanted DRAGONS to be a non-stop kickassathon. But more than a third in and nothing has really happened yet. It's really starting to piss me off.

    Though I will say this: It's clear that various long-untied threads are starting to wind together now, finally, and the promise of this conversion is enough to keep me reading. I think we need to get over a hump in DRAGONS that carries us past the CROWS timeline before anything serious starts to happen; right now it's following the same post-war ploddery that made CROWS such a snoozefest.

    But I, too, cannot put it down.

  2. I finished it, and while I enjoyed it while reading it, in hindsight, it seemed rushed. And that there really wasn't that much going on. I won't say it's a bad book, but it wasn't the best in the series.

  3. I just finished it last night, having purchased it the day it came out. I have to say I enjoyed it, though not as much as the first three books (although, I'm not someone who thought A Feast for Crows was terrible, just a little slow and disappointing).

    A lot of people complain that the plot hasn't progressed much in the past two books, made even clearer given that they essentially take place over the same time period. I have to say I agree. Some of the characters I don't care about (which I consider worse than "disliking"), but those I've enjoyed the POVs of I still do. Like the first commenter mentioned, I find the part after CROWS' timeline a little more interesting.

    I like to reread the entire series every once in a while (which says something since I read the first four consecutively only last year), but I feel like it's going to be a bit of a chore to reread this one.