Saturday, July 30, 2011

Janée Meadows is selling prints of her Cowboys & Aliens poster for Mondo

Janée Meadows:

My Story

After my retro-inspired movie posters caught the attention of film director Jon Favreau and screenplay writer Damon Lindelof on Twitter my artwork rocketed into the blog-o-sphere and beyond! I received an outpouring of requests for the poster from folks around the world.

Now, I'm selling 500 limited edition signed 18x24" silkscreen prints of the "Day Version" along with special LP 7" pressed blue vinyl with a "Night Version" sleeve; featuring the music of Golden State. Songs include: "High Noon" and "Lightspeed" from their 2011 debut album "Division."

Here's The Catch

The way this Indiegogo fundraiser works is I have to meet my goal and sell all 500 or else nobody gets nothing. So, to make sure that doesn't happen; use Indiegogo's simple share tools to spread the word! Let's make this go super-mega-nova so I can get my bike's flat tire fixed and pay off dang student loans!
$50 for both.

*Buy Mondo posters at eBay.