Monday, July 25, 2011

Link roundup

1. I thought Captain America was terrific. Deadline has some interesting news:

But now I'm tipped by exhibitors that Paramount is splitting its 3D screens for Captain America with Transformers 3, giving all but the last show and one afternoon show to the robots. "I've never seen a studio do something like this to one of its tentpole pics on its opening weekend," the exhibition exec told me. Then again, Paramount owns the Transformers franchise and is only distributing Captain America whose future franchise releases will soon move to Marvel's new owner Disney. Follow the money, folks.

There's always been a question mark whether Captain America would do well overseas because of its jingoistic title. That's why, in just a few territories, it's being renamed The First Avenger.
2. Wow, I haven't liked anything I saw until now, but still, /Film says Cowboys & Aliens is horrible.

3. The BBTS has the newly announced DC Universe Classic series 20 for preorder.