Saturday, July 23, 2011

Marvel toy news

Lots of Marvel toy pictures and news here, including:

-Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider Man in Wave 1 for 2012. Also Beast with articulated toes, Hulk, Beta Bill and Kraven. Wave 2 Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man (different versions including the white one from Fantastic Four and Paper Bag Spidey, Punisher (New Sculpt) & She-Hulk, Kang. Other Peaks include Nova, Hercules, Nighthawk, Puck, Jubliee, Angel, and a Masterworks of Fing Fang Foom.

-Marvel Legends new packaging designed by Ed McGuinnes. Commander Rogers has a electric Shield Variant and Iron Man has Stealth variant. Ghost Rider Variant will be yellow and orange for wave 1.

-Wave 2 Bucky Cap, Wrecking Crew (Running Changes will include the entire team, so throughout the course of the year different team members will be released), Daken (Logan's Son in Dark Avengers costume and a removable cowl), Madame Mask/Madame Hydra, Drax, Big Time Spider-Man (Black & Green) Ankle Rockers and a re-desinged hips on a horzontial axis.

-Wave 2 BAF is Arnim Zola.

UPDATE: Here he is:

And more photos: