Monday, July 18, 2011

Olly Moss's Captain America posters for Mondo

A better look at Olly Moss's Captain America posters for Mondo.

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  1. I like Olly Moss. I've interacted with Olly Moss and found him to be a solid, mostly down to earth dude. He's ridiculously (bolded, underlined) talented.


    Are those arrows going through Captain America's shield? His indestructible, bulletproof shield? I don't want to flash my nerd card, but isn't that...I don't know...wrong?

    and while I'm at it...what are those arrows supposed to even represent? Were the Nazis fond of fielding crossbow regiments? Was the Hydra symbol something other than a Hydra?

    Is there something going on here I just don't know about? Or is that first poster, while beautifully composed, only based on that Captain America's shield has a pretty sweet design element to it.

    I mean, I know Olly's a brit, and all. But how much Cap research does it take to find out he has an indestructible shield?

    This post has made my nerd quotient rise to high. I'm now going to ride my motorcycle to a steak joint, then smoke a cigar and mow my lawn.

  2. Nazi propaganda. It'd be a little weird to buy and display them.