Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Threadcakes 2011

UPDATE: Like I thought, a lot of the cakes are from previous years, but all combined in one gallery.

A few of my favorites from the Threadcakes 2011 contest (t-shirts based on Threadless t-shirt designs). There's hundreds of cakes on display, although it seems that some of the cakes have been submitted in previous years.

Self Portrait by Amy Brady. (T-shirt.)

Training by Benhi Dixon. (T-shirt.)

Long Journey by Vina Jafar. (T-shirt.)

Extraordinary Observer by Georgia Suter. (T-shirt.)

Lumberjack by Jennifer Racine. (T-shirt.)

Furious Fowl by Kelli Watkins. (T-shirt.)

Let's Get Physical by Amanda Estrada. (T-shirt.)

Emo Bear by zoe heidy badillo. (T-shirt.)