Monday, August 1, 2011

Link roundup

1. Arguments against attending cooking school.

2. XKCD on media reports of hacking. Penny Arcade on the 3DS.

3. Diablo III will allow players to auction off virtual goods for real money. I wonder if that will be a major selling point, or just a feature that benefits gold farmers (The Old Republic looks nice, but if I can make money while I play...).


  1. diablo 3:
    -so if you have the money, you can just buy your victories.
    -no mods, ever.
    -no offline play. you need to always be connected to the internet in order to keep playing (even in single player). lose connection = get dropped out of your game.

  2. This is essentially Blizzard admitting farming is going to happen despite their best efforts in the past to stop it. So they'll take their piece of the sale rather than ebay.

    It's hypocritical given their previous stance on this, and it has a likelihood to create more farmers than players after the first week or two of activity. I think they're also opening themselves up for a customer service mess trying to govern all those transactions.

    The "always-on" internet requirement seems like a penalty--I'm not sure I see how that's a benefit to players.