Friday, August 26, 2011

Link roundup

1. Peter Feld on the Republican candidates:

Perry, on the other hand, is a highly skilled politician who creamed a once-popular Republican Senator in a recent primary, never lost an election, and has governed a major state for 12 years. His views are optimized for both the economic and evangelical wings of the Republican Party while his chief opponent, Mitt Romney, is wooden, weird, and has a record and political profile utterly incompatible with the Tea Party that dominates Republican primaries.
2. I knew it didn't make sense, Gawker says its traffic is the same (in visitors) or better (page views) than a year ago.

3. Hurricane Irene tracking map from the NY Times.

4. The new version of Risk, with stickers that alter future plays, is available for preorder at the BBTS.


  1. Rick Perry may look pretty now, especially compared to his competition with public images that range from goofy to buckled, but he's bloody moron who has didn't reveal the sinkhole in the Texas budget until after his most recent gubernatorial victory. Then, instead of taking federal money or releasing a "Rainy Day" fund allotted in the budget, he has allowed schools to flounder or close and put teachers out of a job.

    I live here in Texas and I know what a great politician Perry is pre-election time and what a mistake he is once he's in office.

  2. Yeah, I'm not saying I'd vote for him, and I find it hard to believe America's ready for another Texan governor, but I'm sort of amazed Romney's even running again.

  3. Yeah, I can't believe people are seriously considering another Texas governor too. But how can any political profile be weirder than Perry's secessionist ideas?

    Insert Weiner jokes here. . . hehe "insert weiner."

    But seriously, Perry has some really scary ideas, he's like "W" on steroids, crazy-steroids.

  4. America's got a short temper and an even shorter memory so it would be an interesting race. I can't believe how lame the other candidates are though, at least he has charisma. If he's actually put in the final race I'd actually get excited about the election, because right now Obama doesn't look like he needs to change his business cards any time soon.

  5. Yes, short temper and short memory.

    At least for me it's always just a pick of who I dislike less.