Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Link roundup

1. From a long interview with Grant Morrison, talking about Batman's mother in Arkham Asylum:

That's why in Arkham Asylum, when he sees his mother she's been kind of haunting him, since they're dragging him to -- it's not Zorro, but it's an earlier movie, it's Bambi, and his mother is saying "you shouldn't be crying, you've made a fool of everybody." She seems quite nasty in that book, and I was looking back to memories of my own mother, I once I got dragged out of a cinema for screaming at the death of a turtle, so that was that. She's only ever appeared in my stories as kind of a scary figure. It's an interesting one, I think.
2. Evan Shaner's looking for commissions.

3. Britt Wilson did some great window decorating, and is also looking for commissions.