Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Link roundup

1. Walter Russell Mead:

The looming struggle over water is not difficult to foresee. As China and South Asian countries use more and more water in urban development and agriculture, available resources will be intensely protected. China controls the vast Tibetan plateau, where most of South Asia’s rivers originate. Not only does China appropriate upstream resources, but pollution flows downstream, making what water downstream nations have available increasingly unsuitable for consumption or agriculture.
2. New Resident Evil ARG site and the site it takes you to.

3. Graphic design in the movie Moon.

4. Offline Gmail. (The only Chrome app other than Angry Birds that I've installed. Are there others worth installing?)

5. The latest nick and dent sale at TFAW (lots of comics and toys).

6. Tenacious Toys has Kidrobot Azteca Series 2 Dunny blind boxes on sale.


  1. It's not an app, but I installed the hover zoom extension. It allows you to see images at their full size by simply hovering your mouse cursor over it. I love it, especially because I love to reddit, and it minimizes the amount of clicking I have to do. Judging by your posts, you like to reddit, too. It will change your life. Link is pasted below.