Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Link roundup

1. A Gizmodo writer went on two dates with a guy she met on OK Cupid and then wrote a post about how he was a loser for being a world class Magic The Gathering player and not mentioning it in his profile (or maybe she had a different motivation for going on the dates). He participated in an interesting q&a at Reddit. Also funny: Top Signs You’re on a Date With a Gizmodo Writer, including "refers to post-dinner plans as 'occurring after the jump'."

2. Hotel elevator with separate buttons for staff and guests.

3. How to report scraper sites to Google. Via.

4. Lime green couch wallpaper. Via.


  1. Please don't link to her post. Refer to this bit as to why. And yes, I know I look like a bot by posting anonymously and with a URL, but it's from forbes

  2. Maybe if she put that she was shallow on her OKC profile, he might have never asked her out to begin with.

  3. I don't mind driving her traffic - - I respect interesting writing intended to draw traffic. And if she wants to make herself such an obvious target for vigilantes, then that's her choice, too.