Monday, August 29, 2011

Not the Portal follow up I was looking for

I've seen this video posted all over the place, seven minutes of Quantum Conundrum gameplay, narrated by game designer Kim Swift:

Giant Bomb says:

Kim Swift is best known for her work on Portal, which was based on her student project Narbacular Drop.

Kim was a student at Digipen, she along with the students that created Narbacular Drop were hired by Valve through one of Digipen's expos for the seniors' projects. Robin Walker from Valve, approached them with an invitation to Valve HQ to make a presentation. Gabe Newell himself attended the presentation, after it was done, he pulled them aside to ask them if they wanted to work for Valve and recreate their game using the Source Engine.

The hiring of the whole Narbacular Drop team lead to Portal, which was based on the core mechanics of their student project.

In early December of 2009, she left Valve to work for Airtight Games to work on an unknown project as the lead.
The basic structure (room-contained puzzles, lasers, an orb like robot in every room) blatantly mimic Portal, but are totally missing the brilliant humor, story, and art design that made Portal 1 and 2 so great. Portal is clever puzzles plus Pixar-quality character design.


  1. I like the look of it and it has its own charm. That said, the problem with the kiddie look and shallow plot is that it is too hard for kids and too childish for adults.

    The fact that Valve is moving away from single player games makes me fearful for the future of Portal since the multiplayer aspect was its weakest link.

    Also, I never noticed that the two bots from Portal look like Mike and sully.

  2. Switching dimensions all the time seems to be more convoluted when compared to the Portal gun but hard to say without actually playing it.