Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A technicolor fairy tale hut

"If I Had A Heart I Could Love You" by Malene Hartmann Rasmussen:

In this project I work with how we perceive the world, twisting and changing the perception of the space to create an eerie surreal and otherworldly feeling. The setting is a wooden hut as we know it from the folk talesof Brothers Grimm. The viewer is intruding this reality shifting dark place. It is a fake wooden hut, a piece of theater-like scenery made from drawn wood planks, the “Flintstones” aesthetic and Technicolor quality of the ceramics underlines the hyper real dreamlike feeling.

In the hut there is a fireplace, the burning logs look like hearts, but the hearts look like real hearts and the branches sticking out of them resembles blood filled arteries and veins. The hut is in a forest or maybe the hut is the forest; the wooden planks are sprouting and coming to life, or maybe they were alive and someone is cutting them down?This uncanny and dark fairytale is fragmented, like in a crime story the clues are scattered around, the viewer is the detective trying to make sense of it all.