Sunday, September 18, 2011

Film analysis by Jim Emerson

Great video by Jim Emerson explaining why the Dark Knight's big chase sequence is so badly edited and confusing (I'd like to see a comparison which the thrilling chases in Ronin):

Here's another video where he analyzes the brilliant opening to The Prisoner:


  1. There definitely are plenty editing errors in the chase sequence - as the video points out; but a surprisingly large chunk towards the beginning of the video is the guy's own person editing prefrences. Namely the part where he disagree's with the first introduction of the Joker to the chase sequence (which I like - it add's a nice bit of surprise and menace).

    Quite frankly when I watched the movie I didn't find this sequence all that disorienting. My biggest problem with it is the quick, super lame quips from the police officers in between cuts - which is also a complaint carried over from Batman Begins (ie - "He's driving on roof tops!!!"). But then again, I go into these films already knowing action scenes are just not Nolan's strong point.

  2. By comparison, the action in Inception isn't confusing at all.