Monday, September 19, 2011

Here's who to blame for the Deus Ex: Human Revolution boss battles

Deus Ex: Human Revolution's boss battles were outsourced to GRIP. Via.

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  1. This guy obviously is oblivious to the nature of the franchise. In the original, the "bosses" were developed characters that had significance to JC and to the story, you could get away from them and escape (only to have them continue to hunt you at later parts of the game). In the cases of Gunther and Anna, you could use your social decisions and/or detective skills to figure out their killphrases and kill them without a fight. If you did fight them it was just a straight-up battle against a tough and well-armed opponent.

    In DX3, the bosses were outright classic video game bosses. They weren't terribly significant to the story aside from "we need some tough guys to thwart the hero" and most of all were your typical video game boss battle: trapped in an arena versus someone with scripted attacks and patterns to their behavior, etc.

    And what the hell was with the final boss? It was just thrown in there as a "well, how should we throw something in to wrap this up?" as opposed to the original encounter with Bob Page, which actually made sense to the narrative as they had been building it up for half the game.

  2. I agree with the above comment x infinity. I actually killed the last boss in... 10 seconds. LMAO.

    And I didn't know about that Bob Page was originally going to be one of the final encounters. I'm disappointed now. :( Still love the game, but as with many games there's always "what it could have been".