Friday, September 2, 2011

Link roundup

1. A detailed look at how The Asylum makes movies. Sample:

Oh, and one more tip -- pick something that you're pretty sure is going to be an actual hit. "People ask why we didn't do Cowboys and Aliens," The Asylum's Paul Bales says, "And we considered it for a while, but in the markets we have, genre-mixing doesn't work." In fact, The Asylum takes international genre tastes really seriously. "Disaster films work pretty much anywhere," Bales says, "But creature films only work in a few territories. In most of Europe, a big giant fish means nothing to them."

2. A look at the character designs from the Iron Man: Armored Adventures cartoon (my boys love this show, and since they often watch it in the car, I regularly have the theme in my head).

3. "It began as a classic Hialeah politics whodunit: Little mirrors were glued on some of Acting Mayor Carlos Hernandez’s campaign yard signs. The mirrors prompted a rumor in the no-love-lost mayor’s race that Hernandez was trying to appeal to voters who practice SanterĂ­a." Via.

4. The Kidrobot plastic breakdancers I posted a few days ago will also be sold by the bag. Now all we need is for them to start selling MUSCLE knockoffs by the bucket.

*Buy MUSCLE Men at eBay.