Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Link roundup

1. In anticipation of DC Universe Online going free to play, here's character building guides. (Anyone have any suggestions?)

2. Homemade Oreos recipe. Via.

3. For Games Workshop fans, a Tumblr devoted to John Blanche (although I like his miniatures a lot more than his illustrations).

4. Those Mad Magazine/DC Comics action figures I posted yesterday are now available for preorder at the BBTS.


  1. 1. Velcro shoes. Superheroes don't have time to waste on double-trouble-bunny-knots.

    2. Solids, not patterns. Even the fittest among us look a li'l round around the middle in stripes and plaids.

    3. A sincere smile. Nothing forced, but don't be afraid to show a little gum. Nothing says "Don't worry Ma'am, I'm here to help you kick your addiction to over the counter cough syrups" quite like a smile.

  2. DCUO going free to play you will find severely limited in the free to play mode. They are banking on you wanting to buy more stuff as you can hit level cap in a few days and the grinding in that game doesn't really begin until you hit cap. So if you play it and like it, as a player I would say save yourself a few bucks in the long run and get a subscription.

  3. 1. Read the forums to get a good overview of the game because the in-game written help is laughable. Read this post about Things I Wish I'd Known Before You Started Playing DCUO http://forums.station.sony.com/dcuops3/posts/list.m?topic_id=3805 before deciding if you want in.

    In terms of what powers you want depends on your play style. if you like just barging into bad guys & wiping them out pick a tank (Fire/Ice). If you like more tactical play pick controller (mental/gadgets/light) & if you prefer to be the guy at the back who supports his mate pick healer (sorcery/nature). That said, there's a fourth "hidden" roll called DPS which is where you just make your hero/villan as powerful as possible & hit things hard with whatever powers you want.