Friday, September 16, 2011

Link roundup

1. I seem to remember that there's a website that focuses on movie roles that were turned down. Anyone know what I mean?

2. "Naturalist, Martyn Robinson, has discovered that pet birds who have escaped into the bush have 'taught' their wild companions to speak." Via.

3. Infographic showing how much those Nike Back to the Future sneakers have sold for.

4. Clean jokes at Reddit.


  1. does a "Lost Roles" column from time to time. Don't know if that is the site you're looking for.

  2. looks to be the one

  3. I know of lots of lists but of only one site.
    here is the link and another for a good list. I have not verified the accuracy of these but I'm not sure that you could anyway. Enjoy

  4. My favorite clean joke:

    two fish are in a tank.

    One fish turns to the second and says,

    "How do you drive this thing?!"

    Comedy gold!

  5. Thanks for the clean jokes link. I woke up this morning to check my usual sites, and spent an hour reading them aloud to my wife. Great way to start my birthday.

  6. My best friend was at the Back to the Future NIKE MAG show and he said in auction the Shoes were sold for 35,000 dollars and he got me a ceramic shoe which that is going for like 5 to 6 Hundred dollars.