Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Link roundup

1. I didn't realize that the 3 3/4" Venture Brothers action figures won't be made unless there's enough preoders, and they're not remotely close to the alleged cutoff.

2. Serious Eats: "We Tried Everything at Chipotle's New ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen in D.C."

3. How to check out a library book on your Kindle.


  1. Speaking of action figure pre-orders - I just got this e-mail yesterday from about the 2012 Ghostbusters action figures:

    "You know how much love the Matty team has for Ghostbusters, and although we were ready to support a subscription in 2012, sales were lower than we expected. We regret to announce that we have to cancel the 2012 Club Ecto-1 subscription. All 2012 orders will be promptly refunded. If you purchased a 2012 subscription, you should see the refund in your account within 5-7 business days of your refund being processed, depending on your bank. All 2011 subscriptions will continue to ship as scheduled.

    Like you, we're disappointed that the subscription will be going away for 2012, but to show our appreciation for you fans who stepped up and bought a 2012 subscription, we're working on a "thank you" just for you. Stay tuned as we'll have something special coming for you in appreciation for your support.

    Please know that the Ghostbusters line isn't over! To do right by all Ghostbusters fans, we're still moving forward with the previously announced figures for 2012 (Ready to Believe You Peter with Taxi Cab Ghost, The Rookie, Dana as Zuul) and a fourth figure in the fall, to be announced. These figures will be available at our regular monthly sales. Like our other lines, costs have risen since the brand was launched and the price of the 6" figures will increase to $22 each."

    So they are canceling everyone's subscriptions and jacking up the prices. Wonderful.

  2. Please listen. Since the show began all I wanted were action figures, and by action figures I mean 3 & 3/4" hunks of plastic that stimulate my endorphins and keep me from causing havoc in world.

    Initially Bif!Bang!Pow!(B!B!P!) tormented me by releasing mego-esque dolls that were nostalgic, overpriced and certainly didn't fulfill my desires. I did snag a Monarch cheap and plan to get a Dr.Girlfriend to round out the pair. However, I cannot & will not be a completest of this line.

    When they announced at SDCC they were to make the 3&3/4 line, I was elated, giddy even. The prototypes were appealing and the quality of the aforementioned mego-esque line led me to start yard selling crap, making room and hoarding nickels & dimes.

    The first disappointing fact to emerge was the figures were to be $10 dollars a pop. I was kinda hoping for the six to seven dollar range, but I can overlook this. It just means I won't be buying all the Rusty Ventures in 12 different color speed suits. Now B!B!P! decides to hand out another kick to the teeth. B!B!P! has made the fate of the line contingent on the pre-sale numbers. Please check out either the Entertainment Earth page or the posting on the exact details.

    I want these figures. I never part take in presells, and hunt for lowest price. I rarely speak in forums, and am a lurker by nature. I am asking anyone out there who wants to commune with Doctor O and the Triad, please do as I did and preorder at least one figure. I brokedown for three: Hank, Dean & Dr. Girlfriend. Please help so that one day I can find Phantom Limb in a bargain bin somewhere.

    Another unfair fact of this little situation, we only have until Halloween. Thank you for reading.

  3. Mattel's really jerked people around with their subscription plans.