Thursday, September 8, 2011

Link roundup

1. Big gallery of Bruce Timm's comic work (NSFW).

2. For my fellow Blogger users: new Blogger app for IOS.

3. "Sidney Gottlieb proved to the world that there are few things more dangerous than a chemist with a metaphysical streak - especially if he collects a few thwarted ambitions. Born in 1918, he was deemed physically unfit for duty in the Second World War. Instead of going to war, he went to the University of Wisconsin, and graduated with a degree in chemistry. His degree didn't help him into the army, but it did interest the CIA."

4. From a summary of Gawker Media's first company-wide meeting:

Gawker Media's tech build-up includes what is said to be a very intense commenter system. (What was your top takeaway from the evening? I asked one writer. "Soon writers will be obsolete," the writer told me. "Reddit?" said another. To be fair, that's a common refrain over the years at Gawker, but it is an ideal outcome for a tech company. Gawker Media loves talent, but they also know there's always more talent.
(How many Gawker Media writers have you continued to follow after they left the company?)