Thursday, September 8, 2011

Reversible box art for the ICO &Shadow of the Colossus reissue

The ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection is going to feature reversible box art, so you can replace the logo-heavy cover with some pretty pictures. It's a nice gesture, but doesn't make much sense to me - - does anyone display their game boxes? If these publishers were smart, they'd make covers that fold out into a really great posters. That way, people would be tempted to keep the covers, which in turn would make it less likely that they'd resell their games.


  1. It seems you can already get posters of the box art on eBay, etc.

    But yeah, about the only thing I ever have on display (if you wanna call it that) is the spine.

    It is an improvement over the busy PS3-branded box art, which has at least 10 different fonts, by my count.

  2. I'd rather display classy box art (and by "display" I mean, have around the house and put on my shelf) than have a poster. Where am I going to put a poster? I already have a kajillion things to frame and put on the wall.

  3. I had no idea they were re-releasing these games! Whee! I'm definitely displaying the reversible art, cos that "Remastered In High Definition" cover is an eyesore.

  4. Box art is a huge deal for some game collectors. I won't buy any of the budget "greatest hits" titles for any console, simply because the the cover art is hideous and the spines don't match the rest of my collection. I've often paid more for an older title just to get the original packaging.

    I also won't buy a game unless it has all of the cover art AND the instruction manual, both in good shape. Buying just a disc-only copy of a game would be similar to purchasing a book with the cover torn off. Yes, you can still enjoy the content, but it's not something you can add to a home library and proudly display on a shelf.

    I'm incredibly delighted by this cover, the beautiful Ico artwork is from the European and Japanese versions of the game, so it's the first time it will be seen in the US (the PS2 version had a terrible cover, one that has actually been blamed for the poor sales of the game).

    If games had covers that were also posters, that would just result in more disc only trade-ins from people who either lost or damaged the artwork. People already trade in games without the covers/manuals, so it wouldn't change much. Also, I really don't know how many gamers would ever hang up mini posters. Maybe some college/high school students, but why would anyone want to have a bunch of games with no cover art/spine...