Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The SuperGroup's futuristic office

The SuperGroup's office, designed by ai3:

Within The SuperGroup’s office, ai3 has created an environment that is nothing short of spectacular. A visit to The SuperGroup is akin to entering the set of a Stanley Kubrick film. The only thing missing is the ubiquitous sound of hydraulic doors opening and closing.

The overall architecture is boldly organic, with curved walls, round walkways and suspended ceilings that float within the space. Angled lines and contrasting colors energize the design. Finishes are primarily white in contrast with orange, blue, and black walls and accents. At the center of the office is an illuminated capsule, housing offices for the founders as well as a large meeting lounge. The multi-use lounge is futuristic, with blue lighting and a bright orange canopy suspended over the bar area.

Throughout the offices, custom design solutions add dimension and context to The SuperGroup brand. A series of small meeting pods line one corridor and are sealed with glass pocket doors. Another corridor is lined with backlit panels that connect the floor and ceiling, creating the illusion of a floating walkway. This futuristic effect is carried through to the conference room where a long white table curves up from the floor and its likeness suspends from the ceiling. A black accent wall and black ceiling contrast with the white finishes, reinforcing the sensation that this office ‘space’ is just that.