Friday, September 16, 2011

Three beers

Label by The Tenfold Collective for Uinta Brewing Company.

Top Rope Lager by John Carlson Design.

Does this mean some beer in China is not free from formaldehyde?


  1. The weird thing is in China they are really into regional beers, and every single one says 'No Formaldehyde' on it. (If you talk to people though, the beers probably do have formaldehyde in them)

  2. It's not just China. In the Philippines, Red Horse beer has formaldehyde in it. I remember once buying some and it wasn't cold so I put a few bottles in the freezer. I then forgot about them until the next day. I opened the freezer expecting to see a big frozen mess. Instead of the Red Horse turning solid and cracking the bottles, the beer was still in liquid form. It did not freeze.