Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Apparently it's time for a new line of Batman toys

UPDATE: Joe D! colorized it:

Batman: The Brave and the Bold is high quality and very funny, but the supporting toy line is horrendous (ugly, not cheap, not poseable, and yet, as my sons have demonstrated, easily broken). Thus, it's time for Cartoon Network to announce a new series (for 2013), featuring a gun-toting Alfred (produced by Glen Murakami). There will also be goofy shorts:

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  1. So apparently in this version Alfred is an insensitive jerk. 'You don't like guns Master Bruce? Too bad! I've got two. Bang,bang.'

  2. I've de-blued the batman picture if anyone's interested.


  3. I'm really excited for the Aardman Studio Batman and for professor Pyg on a cartoon. I hope they keep him flamboyant.

  4. You know they won't keep true to his character in the comics. They couldn't even use one of his sidekicks from the comics. Has Katana ever been associated with him as a sidekick? They could have used Cassandra Cain if they were going for a ninja. And I agree about the gun-toting Alfred. It seems completely wrong to go with the Batman Legacy. Bruce has always been against using guns.

    First the reboot and now this. The shorts look promising though.