Monday, October 17, 2011

The Carolina Panthers logo is supposed to be shaped like the borders of North and South Carolina

Wikipedia says, "The Panthers logo consists of the head of a snarling Black panther outlined in blue. It is shaped to resemble the combined borders of North and South Carolina."

However, it's a bit of a stretch....


  1. The original design had the Panther facing right (as seen here, in which case it's a bit easier to get. Mainly, it's NC in the background (body) with SC placed on top (head).

  2. Youve got it ALL wrong!!
    The fartherest end of the Panther (the tail end) is meant to be the point of North Carolina (Where the state of NC goes to a point to meet at the Tennessee/Georgia) border. That would make the Panther facing the Atlantic Ocean with the chin being where North Carolina begins at it's southern-most point.

  3. South Carolina is the head!! In its standard position it is clear to see. Charleston is in the "mouth" region. Near the lower teeth. Best NFL logo hands down.. New logo sucks