Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dozens of downloadable masks

My annual collection of printable Halloween masks. I haven't check the links this year, but hopefully they're still active:

Guy Fawkes masks.

Dark Knight Rises Bane, Catwoman, and Batman.

Low poly mask.

Venom, Cthulhu, and Werewolf Captain America.

Princess, robots, vampire, frankenstein, and more.

Thor, Captain American, Hulk, Iron Man, Frankenweenie, and Haunted Mansion ghosts.

Thrillist has a selection of downloadable masks.

Weeping Angel.

Team Fortress 2 (the full cast of characters).

V. (And another link.)

Space Ranger, tiger, and many more at HP.

Sarah Palin and many more celebrities/politicians.

Duke Nukem and more.

Ron Swanson.

Guy Fieri, Christopher Walken, and more.

Star Wars masks.

Monster masks to download and color.

Easy to make Where the Wild Things Are masks.

Egil by Nic Klein.

Mark Zuckerberg mask.

Halloween Kid mask.

Studious Werewolf mask.

Afrodisiac mask.

Ki the Healer mask.

Laugh-Out-Loud Cats masks.

Jason Voorhees mask.

Bat mask.

Twitter beard mask.

Skeleton Clutching Your Face mask.

Batman mask.

Owl, black cat, skeleton and mechanical bird masks.

Mutated face mask.

Hulk Hogan mask.

Billy Mays mask.

Bear and Bird masks.

Old man mask.

Monster mask.

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  1. awww... too bad they don't have a Weeping Angel face.. haha

  2. Sending folks your way to have a look at this. :)

  3. BBC has some.
    Here's a weeping angel -

  4. I made some recently based on some of my illustrations. All free and ready to print.

  5. Here is a historical mask i'd found online once from absurdist play Rhinoceros by Ionesco

  6. omg, thse are brilliant! Brilliant!