Thursday, October 27, 2011

I can't think of a funny title for this post, but it's about the new Cake Wrecks book

A while back, I offered advice on becoming a popular blogger. But really, what I should have done is simply pointed to Jen Yates. She didn't start blogging 15 years ago before there was any competition (unless the steampunk costuming is a cover for her time traveling). She doesn't dish about her sex life (except for that vague mention of a steampunk-themed swingers party). She doesn't post pornography (aside from a whole lot of suggestive icing). And she doesn't manipulate search results or social media (or if she does, she's selfishly not shared those secrets with me).

Instead, she's* built a truly massive audience the most honest way possible.

She makes fun of people.

But she does it so sweetly and with such good humor that people beg for the chance to be featured as one of her wrecks (legend has it that people wreck their cakes intentionally in the hopes of being recognized for their failure). In fact, Cake Wrecks is popular enough that it's now spawned a second book and a tour that draws big crowds and celebrity cake wreckers.

I've read the new book. It's 220 pages of truly hilariously pathetic cakes (standouts include the Hanukkah Pentagram, Plymouth tombstone, and a whole lot of turkeys that seem to have come from sex shops). And it's supported by what's honestly the best book trailer I've ever seen:

Go buy the book for yourself and/or your friends. The hardcover's only $8 at Amazon.

*When I say "she" I'm unfairly ignoring her co-wreckers John, Jen, Julianne, and Anne-Marie, but the story just flows better the way I wrote it.