Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Illustration roundup

Two of my favorites (Isaac Bidwell, Nicole Gustafsson) from the upcoming movies of Wes Anderson-themed show at Spoke Art. A few prints from the show are already on sale.

The Fifth Element/Jetsons mashup by Landon Sheely up for vote at Threadless.

Two posters by Alex Griendling, who has a time travel-themed calendar kickstarter right now.

Paul Pope:

New cover for The One Trick Rip-Off + Deep Cuts edition from Legendary, late 2011.

Collects the best of my (non-THB) comics work from 1993-2001, featuring the One Trick, the graphic novel I did before Heavy Liquid and 100%. All of the work in this omnibus is either long out of print or never-before-published, including over 100 pages of manga, created for Kodansha between 1995-2000.

Young Adult poster by Tara McPherson for a screening in Austin, TX.

Mitosis paintings set by Michele Banks on sale at Etsy.

*Buy Jetsons toys at eBay.