Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Link roundup

(I'm not sure if my starred items will survive the upcoming changes to Google Reader, so I'm clearing out my backlog.)

Street signs by Anthony Discenza. Via.

Orphaned screech owls get weighed. Via.

Stain removal infographic.

Slap Hat Extreme Self Defense Cap:

This standard baseball cap is one the most simple, least noticeable, and efficient personal defense items on the market. The secret of this hat is a pocket of unique impact material that is 100% the density of lead and which is sewn into the cap. Simply use the bill as the handle and the cap becomes an instant impact weapon to be used against a threat. Simple, fast, and effective! The cap includes Velcro adjustment to fit all sizes.
$20 at Amazon. Via.

Keep the ResQMe in your car in case you ever need to cut your way out of your seatbelt and break the window in your car. $10 at Amazon. Via.