Friday, October 28, 2011

Link roundup

1. Some people take Jurassic Park very seriously.

2. Provocative theory about the cause of early onset of puberty.

3. Jetpackage Project:

Back at the beginning of Summer, I started a project called 'jetpackage'. I was sat in my office one day and I was severely lacking in inspiration, so I looked around me at all the objects I have collected over the years and it got me thinking about how I am inspired. My office is full of collectable items that I have gleaned from car boot sales, flea markets and charity shops, whenever I am feeling uninspired I look at them and it spurs me on.

So I thought "What if a package came through the post, containing these things?" - what would they inspire me to create.

I have got a LONG list of designers, illustrators, artists, creatives that I would like to work with, and who inspire me with my work, so I decided to see how they would react to one of these packages.
4. "Parasite Turns Wasps Into Outsider Zombie Queens."

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