Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Link roundup

1. Here's a good design idea from Bill Simmons's article about a theoretical new basketball league: create logos for the teams the Seattle Nirvana and the Baltimore Wire.

2. Lots of clever costume ideas.

3. From a long interview with Peter Thiel:

The Warren Buffet rhetorical point is his $34 billion investment in late 2009 in a railway, the single biggest investment by Berkshire Hathaway outside of finance. It is an all-out bet against clean tech. It was described as a bet on America, but 40 percent of what gets transported on railroads is coal. You have to look at Buffett's railroad investments as an all-out bet that clean tech is going to fail.

It's a bet that we're going to send coal to ships in Long Beach and send it to China to power Chinese factories to send us stuff. That's not the clean-tech vision of the 21st century.
4. The latest 20-70% off sale at Things from another world.

5. And speaking of sales, free Dunny if you spend $20 at Tenacious Toys.


  1. That should totally be the next SuperPunch Art Contest, creating teams and logos for this theoretical new basketball league.

  2. I'm thinking posters for Skyfall, or whatever James Bond is called.